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the challenge

WRS Design is a Polish family company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of furniture. Their portfolio includes some of the biggest fashion brands known to customers throughout the world. After their rebranding made by well known Anagrama Studio, it's time to redesign the website. We were asked to design and implement a new website that would be consistent with branding and introduce the company to global markets by creating an interesting, animated, and minimalist design.

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the project

Before we started to even think about the project we had to research the newest trends in web design, prepare a well-structured site map, and all home page detailed information. The home page has been designed to be a shortcut to all the most important parts of the website. From its level, we can go to a portfolio with selected projects, production technology, company history, and order material samples. Of course, the whole thing had to be editable from the CMS level and be compatible with all types of mobile devices.


key objectives

The branding created by Anagram set a new style and direction in which the project had to follow. The website should be consistent with the business cards and the printed catalog, but should also set a new direction for the brand. One of the main goals was to show an extensive portfolio of realizations on 4 continents, adding the possibility of later content editing, adding support for multiple languages and animations.


typography & colors

One of the elements that define the style is typography. To make the whole thing consistent, we used the fonts proposed by the branding studio. The fonts from the Eucid Flex and Azo Sans families look great both in print and digital.


illustrations / line icons

Linear Icons designed for the "Know-how" subpage are designed to show the production process in a very simple and intuitive way. The individual stages of the production process, materials used and logistics have gained their graphic counterpart, thanks to which the user can quickly learn about the company's know-how.


new style, new home

The Wrs Interior website is where it all comes together. Bold typography, strong branding, great photography, and crisp messaging.


worldwide projects

The portfolio, like any other element, could not be normal and calm. Several layouts and various combinations allow you to handle every possible implementation.


the secret know-how

A full and comprehensive understanding is the key to success. That's why we have simply described all the production processes. From design and consulting, implementation, production to international shipping. Everything is decorated with simple linear icons and photos from the production process.


from past to future

WRS Interior was established in 2006 as a result of a combination of the competence and knowledge of its two founders: an experienced furniture production manager, with 25 years of experience based on hundreds of projects completed on four continents, and a younger technician, specializing in the state-of-the-art production solutions which allowed him to create an impressive stock of machines that is ready to serve any order. We showed their journey in a slightly different way. The use of parallax effect levels together with the timeline allowed us to show their history interestingly and unconventionally.


Hard work and many hours spent on the project have paid off. WRS Interior was noticed and awarded with Honorable Mention on Awwwards, Special Cudos on CSS Design Awards, and Interaction Design on Behance.



"Matt is one of the best and most talented designer I have had the pleasure to work with. He is professional totally dedicated to achieve perfection, with a special attention to details, without losing vision of the project. He clearly has a unique ability to design (combinated wtih UX/UI stunning skills) and providing magnificent value to clients. I would higly recommend Mateusz to anyone and I'd love to work with him again. Was a real pleasure to work with you Matt!"


Kacper Woliński
Buisness Development Manager - Bespoke Manufacturing & Retail Shopfitting


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